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EGIS 4703-150B Circuit Breaker, Surface Mount, 150 Amp

Protects Electrical Circuits from short circuit events and over-current loads, preventing wire insulation overheating and subsequent destruction.

Automatic Circuit Protection & Manual On/Off Switching combines dual functionality in one reliable and compact solution.

Allows for Circuit Isolation and Maintenance of Load Circuits by providing convenient switching and integral circuit protection capable of mounting adjacent to battery systems regardless of the location.

Feature Summary

Sealed Against Dust & Water Intrusion to ensure reliable circuit protection for the life of the electrical system installation

High Voltage (72 Vdc) Rating: easily supports 12 and 24 Vdc applications while offering advanced protection for 36 and 48 Vdc

High Electrical / Manual Switching Endurance delivers 6,000 cycles at full current

High Interrupt Current: safely protects circuits connected to large paralleled battery banks with significant available power

4 Year Warranty: We stand behind our product's ability to meet your needs.