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EGIS 200 AMP - Relay/Timer

Eliminates Dead Start Batteries by sharing charging on either of two batteries and isolating batteries when no charge sources are present.

Supports Multiple Engines or Independent Charge Systems by incorporating two independent start or engine isolation inputs to allow isolation of charge sources when both are active to maximize charging performance.

Protects Electrical System Cascading Faults with optional lock-out from closing if one terminal is connected to a battery with a shorted cell.

Feature Summary

Ultra-Low Power Draw Compare to typical ACRs (7-10 mA) vs 7610 ACR @ 1.3 mA, will not deplete batteries even after extended electrical system downtime.

Simple & Robust Installation: Integrated sealed plug eliminates corrosion, includes Deutsch/Amphenol DTM connector harness

Start Assist input option to ensure maximum cranking amps available by allowing manually connecting of batteries via remote switch.

Bullet-proof Construction: Sealed unit, stainless steel hardware, high temperature materials allow mounting anywhere. Integrated thermal overload shutdown protection.