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Havis / Whelen Wholesale Program

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We are one of only a few Havis Stocking Distribuitors in the USA!   In additon we are a Master Distributor for Whelen Products.   We have established this whole program to help assist other upfitters across the USA obtain products they need to support the customers.   But we are also going to extend this program to all product lines we carry to make this a true one stop experience.

Once your are accepted into the wholesale program, you will recieved a weekly stock report from us on Havis and Whelen products.   This way you know what we have readly available to ship quickly.

As the program grows so will our offerings and inventory levels.    We can also special order you anything we don't have in stock!!



Who is this program for? 

This program is for existing upfitters, not individuals looks to make a purchase.


What are there requirements to be included in the program? 

First and formost you will need to be a one of the following business entity's:   Corporation, S-Corp, Partnership, LLC.   You will also be required to provide federal tax id #, states resale certificate, state incorporation regisitration number.   Your accounts will be reviewed each year to assess your discount levels and ability to continue in the program.


How to I join the program?

First you will need to complete the application.   Once it is reviewed an account will be created for you.

Link to Application:   

Wholesale Account Application


What payments do you accept?   

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.   Additionally we can accept Zelle and Wire Transfers.    Paper Checks accepted in advance, but nothing will ship until check clears the bank for 10 business days.    We also do not add CC processing fees as we fell that is not in the best interest of you our customer.

Can we apply for Net Terms?   

Until you have an established track record with us, we will not exented Net Terms.    If you earn Net Term status and fail to pay on time, just once, those terms will be revoked.


Discount Level?  

Once accepted into the program, we can discuss the discount levels for each product time.   It is not something we will ever post on-line.


How will I know what is in stock?

Once a week you will recieve an email from us with a Havis/Whelen available stock report.   Our reports are very accurante as we have a state of the art inventory tracking system.


How do we place an order?

In order to  place a wholesale order, you will have to either call in or email in your order.    This is the only way to get the wholesale pricing from us.


Who pays shipping?

You will pay actual outbound shipping via Fedex or UPS.   For small items, they might ship Priority Mail to help save you money.   But shipping now a days is expensive so we can not provide free shipping on wholesale items.


Can we return an item?

If your part of the wholesale program, we will not be excepting returns.